Online network organization of Barcelona en Comú, an emergent movement-party

Today, the article Online network organization of Barcelona en Comú, an emergent movement‑party written with Helena Gallego, David Laniado, Yana Volkovich and Andreas Kaltenbrunner got published in the Computational Social Networks open-access journal. This work is an extension of my MSc thesis Computational Framework for the Assessment of New Forms of Political Organization in Social Media, … More Online network organization of Barcelona en Comú, an emergent movement-party

IPP2016: The Platform Society

On Thursday and Friday I have attended IPP2016: The Platform Society, convened by the Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford). This academic conference belongs to the biennial Internet, Politics, and Policy (IPP) academic conference series and was designed to gather scholars interested in analysing online platforms and how they shape societies. My attendance was motivated … More IPP2016: The Platform Society

D-CENT: Networked Models of Democracy

Our final deliverable of D-CENT project has been released: Networked Models of Democracy. In this work we analyse two different online platforms for democratic and deliberative processes. We first assess the collaborative process of building the Municipal Action Program in Barcelona within the platform Decidim.Barcelona. Then, we examine how deliberation is affected in the online platform Menéame by the change of the … More D-CENT: Networked Models of Democracy

D-CENT: Democratic Cities

In D-CENT project (Decentralised Citizens ENgagement Technologies) we have been working in the last three years to develop open source, distributed, and privacy-aware tools for direct democracy and economic empowerment. All this work is being presented between 23-28 May in the event “DEMOCRATIC CITIES – Commons technology and the right to a democratic city“. This event … More D-CENT: Democratic Cities

International Conference on Web and Social Media 2016

This week I am in Cologne (Germany) attending the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM). This conference is one of the premier venues for computational social science through the interplay of network science, machine learning, computational linguistics, sociology, communication, and political science. My attendance in this edition (the 10th one) is motivated by … More International Conference on Web and Social Media 2016

TICTeC 2016

This week  I’m participating in TICTeC2016: The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference 2016. This (second) edition of the conference is being held in World Trade Center of Barcelona and focuses on the impact that civic technology and digital democracy are having upon citizens, decision makers and governments around the world. The event gathers people from academic and … More TICTeC 2016

4th ETIC Doctoral Student Workshop

Today the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) organized the annual Doctoral Student Workshop. This workshop is conceived as an opportunity for PhD students to interact with other researchers, as well as gaining experience in participating in posters sessions. For this edition (the 4th one of the series and the 1st one … More 4th ETIC Doctoral Student Workshop

Participa Lab: Herramientas para la Democracia

The beginning of the week has been followed by the attendance to the event Herramientas para la democracia: Abriendo la Participación held in Medialab Prado (Madrid). The event has gathered citizens from several Spanish cities and international experts in digital participation in order to discuss experiences on online tools for direct and deliberative democracy. I arrived Madrid on Wednesday morning to … More Participa Lab: Herramientas para la Democracia

Big Bang Data – London

This afternoon I visited the Big Bang Data exhibition at the Somerset House (London). The exhibition explores the issues surrounding the datafication of our world through the work of artists, designers, journalists and visionaries. As the data explosion accelerates, Big Bang Data asks if we really understand our relationship with data, and explores the meaning and … More Big Bang Data – London