Big Bang Data – London

This afternoon I visited the Big Bang Data exhibition at the Somerset House (London). The exhibition explores the issues surrounding the datafication of our world through the work of artists, designers, journalists and visionaries. As the data explosion accelerates, Big Bang Data asks if we really understand our relationship with data, and explores the meaning and implications of data for our future.
Although I was already engaged in the first edition at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, this edition is very special to me since it includes a stand for D-CENT project (Decentralised Citizens Engagement Technologies). In our stand, visitors can find:

  • the main D-CENT principles and informative resources,
  • an interactive and explorative web visualization of a proposal from Decide Madrid.
    Decide Madrid is an open consultation and direct democracy platform launched by the City Council of Madrid. The platform enables citizens to propose, debate, prioritize and implement policies for the city. This visualization is part of our latest contribution in DCENT project to better understand how discussion build Collective Intelligence. The network shows the discussion thread of a popular proposal in Decide Madrid to forbid bullfighting. Nodes are comments who are linked according to the structure of the thread. The size of each node indicates the number of votes of that comment and the color is based on the ratio positive/negative votes.

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Big Bang Data runs until 28 Feb 2016… DON’T MISS IT ! 🙂

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