International Conference on Web and Social Media 2016

This week I am in Cologne (Germany) attending the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM). This conference is one of the premier venues for computational social science through the interplay of network science, machine learning, computational linguistics, sociology, communication, and political science. My attendance in this edition (the 10th one) is motivated by the acceptance of our D-CENT research paper “When a Movement Becomes a Party: Computational Assessment of New Forms of Political Organization in Social Media” written with my colleagues Yana Volkovich, David Laniado and Andreas Kaltenbrunner. In this paper we define a computational framework to study the Twitter party networks of the 2015 Barcelona City Council election. The results shows that Barcelona en Comú (grassroots party that emerged from the 15M movement), unlike conventional parties, operates as movement-party by combining a centralized party cluster and a distributed movement cluster.


Besides this research paper, the demo paper “Visualization Tool for Collective Awareness in a Platform of Citizen Proposals” written with Vicenç Gómez and Andreas Kaltenbrunner was also accepted in ICWSM. For this reason, I’m showing how to visualize proposals from Decide Madrid platform in order to provide a clear picture of the discussion of citizens and, therefore, promote effective deliberative democracy (as previously exposed in Big Bang Data exhibition – London). The development of this tool has been supported by the D-CENT project and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under the María de Maeztu Units of Excellence Programme (MDM-2015-0502).

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