D-CENT: Democratic Cities

In D-CENT project (Decentralised Citizens ENgagement Technologies) we have been working in the last three years to develop open source, distributed, and privacy-aware tools for direct democracy and economic empowerment. All this work is being presented between 23-28 May in the event “DEMOCRATIC CITIES – Commons technology and the right to a democratic city“.

Photo: @MedialabPrado Flickr

This event consists of two parts:

  • Democracy Lab (23 – 27 May, Medialab Prado): Workshops, hackathons and open sessions to develop, think and design tools, processes and strategies for democratic participation.
  • International conference (27 – 28 May, Museo Reina Sofia): Discussion on network democracy, new forms of citizen participation and digital commons in democratic Cities.

Besides the attendance to the workshop to build a new Democratic Commons Network, I participated in the Democracy Lab as co-organizer of the session Data Journalism with Decide Madrid. In this open datathon, we released datasets of networks from Decide Madrid and explored them with ONODO: the network visualisation tool developed by Civio and Eurecat within the CHEST project.

Jornadas Ciudades Democráticas. Red de comunes democráticos. Media Lab Madrid
Photo: @MedialabPrado Flickr

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