MediaFutures: First Open Call Workshop

Yesterday we held the workshop to prepare the first open call of MediaFutures, an EU-funded project that we recently kicked off to set up a virtual data innovation hub, including funding, mentoring and support for entrepreneurial and creative projects to reshape the media value chain through responsible, innovative uses of data. The event,  co-organized by Gefion Thuermer, Ellen Goodman and myself, was intended to pose challenges that we will ask applicants (start-ups and artists) to address in their proposals for the open call. To this end, we gathered members of our consortium (King’s College London, Eurecat, Open Data Institute, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Design Entrepreneurship Institute, and IRCAM) and experts on misinformation, data journalism, computational social science, artificial intelligence, arts and innovation from institutions around the world (e.g., UAL, University of Sheffield, Wikimedia Research, The Health Foundation, Waag Society, Open University, The GovLab – NYU, etc.).

This was a very productive workshop so in a few weeks we will announce the first call of the project… stay tuned 🙂

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