Technopolitics in Urban Regeneration Conference

Technopolitics in Urban Regeneration conference (TUR’20) is a two-week event consisting of an international conference and a summer school. The goal of the event is to explore co-creation of livable and sustainable cities, presenting an opportunity to share the work of architectural practices and researchers on participatory experiences and methodologies. In particular, this edition of the two-day conference focuses on digital and social technologies to design strategies of urban public spaces from the bottom up.

The organizing committee invited me some months ago to give the opening keynote in a session on the Governance of Cities in the Network Society with João Seixas and Carol Farias (moderator). Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 pandemic effects, the date had to be postponed from June to September and the talk was given finally online. On the one hand, this prevented me from discovering the interesting ongoing work by TUR fellows in Barreiro (Lisbon Metropolitan Area). On the other hand, it became an opportunity to freely broadcast the talk on the Internet to anyone interested. In this way, the session triggered a very interesting debate in which we exchanged ideas about the best practices and open challenges in participatory strategic city planning.

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