NGI Forward: Advisory Board meeting

Today we had the advisory board inaugural meeting of NGI FORWARD, an H2020 project to promote the Next Generation Internet as the key European entity and space for radical new thinking on the future internet. My contribution as an advisor is to provide strategic guidance throughout the project, based on my experience in projects like Decidim, DECODE or D-CENT.

I am very pleased to join this board together with:

  • Mara Balestrini, Digital Transformation and HCI advisor
  • Ger Baron, CTO, City of Amsterdam
  • Martin Bohle, Senior Researcher, Edgeryders
  • Ian Forrester, Senior Firestarter, BBC R&D
  • Simon Morrison, Deputy CEO, Nesta
  • Inger Paus, Managing Director, Vodafone Institute for Society & Communications
  • Katarzyna Śledziewska, Executive Director, DELab, University of Warsaw
  • Marleen Stikker, Founder, Waag
  • Marco Zappalorto, CEO, Nesta Italia

The summary of the meeting is available here and,  if you are interested in human-centered approaches to the Internet, please join the NGI Policy Summit 2020 that will be held in September 28-29.

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