DECODE: Final Review Meeting

Today we have concluded the work we started in January 2017 when launching the DECODE project. DECODE is an H2020 research project to increase digital sovereignty of European citizens by enabling them to produce, access and control their data and exchange contextualized information in real-time, and in a confidential, and scalable manner. We presented at the DG Connect of the European Commission in Brussels all the achievements after these 3 years to a review board formed by:

My presentation in the review, in collaboration with my colleague Ula Sagarra (DRIBIA), covered all the results, lessons learnt and future roadmap of BarcelonaNow, the DECODE pilot led by Eurecat. All the details of this pilot, together with results from the other two Barcelona pilots (Distributed Democracy and Data Commons and Citizen Science Data Governance), can be found at our last deliverable “D5.9 Final report on the Barcelona pilots, evaluations of BarcelonaNow and sustainability plans”.

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