#DaTactic2 workshop

Yesterday, I participated in the #DaTactic2 workshop which took place simultaneously in Barcelona (Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya) and Madrid. The workshop was an initiative launched to boost voter awareness in upcoming EU Election due to the expected abstention caused by the disaffection towards European institutions. To this purpose, the event gathered professionals from diverse fields such as social media, data journalism and programming.

The session, similar to a hackaton, included both the preparation and launch of an awareness action on Twitter with the hashtag #occupyEP2014 (Trending Topic in Spain for 5h 25′).

Author: Mar Rocabert http://www.elperiodico.com/es/noticias/europa/mensajes-sobre-trascendencia-las-elecciones-europeas-inundan-red-con-etiqueta-occupyep2014-3279690
Author: Mar Rocabert

I participated as an instructor giving two lectures in Barcelona:

In the end, I explained, step by step, how to visualize the network of interactions during the action on Twitter (see next figure) and attendants were able to learn how to implement similar interactive visualizations in the future.


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