EINS: Plenary meeting & Workshop

IMG_20140613_101732This week, I have attended the 4th plenary meeting of the Network of Excellence in Internet Sciences (EINS), which has taken place at the School of Engineering of Bologna. My relation with this network started in 2012 when I participated in its 1st Summer School. Since then, I became an affiliate of EINS and I’m currently involved in the collaborative project Contropedia, funded by the EINS call “Disruptive ideas for an Internet Science”.

The event also included a workshop where the following topics where discussed:

  • Measuring the Internet
  • Net neutrality
  • Internet governance and IETF protocols after Snowden
  • Virtual community building for privacy
  • How do future/upcoming Internet technologies and Internet based applications affect the way the global society/economy is taking shape?
  • To what extent can/will Internet based technologies and applications reduce the limitations of human sociality traits (of evolutionary origins)
  • Interdisciplinarity in Internet Science: interdisciplinary influences, research methods, and network models and architectures.

Additionally, besides the academic value of the event, it was a perfect scenario to reunite with good friends and colleagues.

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