UAM: Innovation and social networks in public administrations

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid organized the Summer Course “Innovation and social networks in government: transparency, participation and collaboration”  between September 4 and 6. This course, directed by the associate professor J. Ignacio Criado, was to make an approach to the use of social networks in the three levels of Spanish public administration, defining its characteristics, identifying some of the best … More UAM: Innovation and social networks in public administrations

15MP2P Conference

The 15M movement is part of a wave of protests that began in 2011 which generated a new global political cycle. This global wave is characterized by the occupation of the urban space and the strategic use of digital communication networks, which express a new self-organized collective behavior and, also, a new paradigm of political … More 15MP2P Conference

15Mdata Hackaton

In the last weekend, the first 15Mdata Hackathon was held at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (theoretical session on Friday) and Ateneu Candela (practical session on Saturday). The event on Friday began with a presentation of our research group (datAnalysis15m) by Arnau Monterde and Javier Toret. Arnau Monterde detailed the following goals for the present year: To establish a … More 15Mdata Hackaton

Review of 2012

Now when 2013 starts, I finish my first full calendar year as a researcher at Barcelona Media. Consequently, I think it is an ideal moment to review the research conducted in 2012. This year has been strongly marked by the study of the communication dynamics on Twitter of the main political parties in the Spanish … More Review of 2012

25N, la campaña también se disputa en YouTube

Los principales partidos políticos que acuden a las elecciones catalanas han publicado más de un centenar de vídeos en la plataforma YouTube durante la presente campaña, según un estudio realizado en Barcelona Media, que cifra en más de medio millón el número de visionados que han sumado en su conjunto. El trabajo también destaca la … More 25N, la campaña también se disputa en YouTube