15MP2P Conference

The 15M movement is part of a wave of protests that began in 2011 which generated a new global political cycle. This global wave is characterized by the occupation of the urban space and the strategic use of digital communication networks, which express a new self-organized collective behavior and, also, a new paradigm of political network-centric organizations. The Civil Society and Communication Seminar (IN3-UOC) and the DatAnalysis15M group organized the 15MP2P Conference between July 3 and 5. This conference was designed as a common space to:

  • multiply the visibility between different studies about the 15M
  • collect valuable productions in the academic field
  • improve the networking between interested researchers

As a DatAnalysis15M member, I participated in the forth panel “Networks, data science, cognitive science complexity” with my colleagues Javier Toret, Oscar Marín Miró, Miguel Aguilera and Xabier Barandiarán. In this panel I presented the study “DatAnalysis15M: Evolution of the 15M network system through the network topology” which corresponds to a chapter of the study “Technopolitics: the potential of connected multitudes. The 15M network-system as a new paradigm of distributed politicsreleased some weeks ago.


Additionally, I had the honor to present the study “Spanish Indignados and the evolution of 15M: towards networked para-institutions” conducted ​​with the researchers Ismael Peña-López and Mariluz Congosto.

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