Decidim Fest 2021

This week we held Decidim Fest 2021. The along of this edition was to discuss the role of technology and democracy in the context of global justice. Given the unfair and undemocratic differences between the Global South and the Global North for vaccine distribution along with the impact of carbon footprint in the ongoing climate crisis, this edition relied on free software technologies to deploy a multimodal format with:

  • face-to-face meetings at Canòdrom with local participants,
  • online sessions with international speakers.

For keynotes, the conference counted on experts in different critical challenges: algorithmic justice, climate justice, digital decolonialism, cyberfeminism, surveillance and human rights, technological disobedience, platform unionism, etc. In addition, as done in the previous edition, an open call was launched for talk proposals from the Decidim community. Many of them related to experiences from new instances/developments from institutions and organizations in Europe, America and Asia. In my case, beyond my services at the organizing committe, I had the honour to chair an inspiring session on Decidim and participatory citizen science:

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