Decidim Fest 2019

Since the very first year the Decidim project was launched (2016), we have been helding the Metadecidim Annual Conference (Jornades Anuals Metadecidim) as a space for the community to gather, to reflect on the status of the project and to discuss new challenges. This year, the Decidim team decided to transition to a new model of conference focused on the relationship between technology and the challenges of democracy in the network society: Decidim Fest.

Amont the different keynotes, talks, workshops and panels in October 29-31, I contributed to two very exciting sessions. On Wednesday, I had the honour to chair a the panel “Participation in practice (II): public space, data, empowerment” with the following talks:

Then, on Thursday, I presented my recent research of patterns of online petition signing in the panel “Frontiers of democratic research: deliberation, artificial intelligence, rankings, crowdvocacy” with:

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