Jornades Anuals Metadecidim 2018 & Democratic Cities International Conference 2018

This Wednesday, right after the OIDP 2018 conference and ConsulCON 2018, we had the third edition of Jornades Anuals Metadecidim (JAM18). Previous editions (2016 and 2017) were essential to constitute the Metadecidim community and to build working axes. This year was a key for the governance process of Metadecidim as an open, technopolitical and networked community. To this end, we invited Heather Leson for a very inspiring keynote. She is responsible for data literacy at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Open Street Maps Foundation. The JAM18 program also contained the typical fast talks about the progress of Decidim:

  • Decidim and political participation.
    Arnau Monterde (Barcelona City Hall) and Carol Romero (Localret)
  • Decidim: free open source for technoligcal autonomy.
    Andrés Pereira de Lucena (Asociación Alabs) and Guillem Marpons (free software developer)
  • Metadecidim: an open, technopolitical and networked community.
    Nuria Alonso (Colectic) and Pablo Aragón (Universitat Pompeu Fabra & Eurecat).
  • Participation with Decidim.
    Josan Minguela (Fundació Ferrer i Guàrdia), Yaiza Blanch (Som Energia), and Virgile Deville (Open Source Politics)
  • Decidim Future.
    Elisenda Ortega (Barcelona City Hall) and Xabier Barandiaran (UPV/EHU)

In my case, I presented how Metadecidim community was the base to set up the Laboratory for Democratic Innovation and the projects we have developed there in 2018.

JAM18 was immediately followed by the Democratic Cities conference, international meeting aimed for exploring the possibilities offered by participatory technologies, digital tools and collective processes that are transforming cities. While previous editions (2016, 2017) were held in Madrid, this third edition became a consolidated project between the two cities. The session in Barcelona, organized by LID, consisted of three round tables:

  • Opening of Democratic Cities BCN | Moderator: Milagros Pérez Oliva, El País
    • Gala Pin, Barcelona City Hall
    • Rukia Lumumba, Jackson People’s Assembly
  • Democratic governance for social transformation | Moderator: Mayo Fuster Morell, Dimmons – IN3/UOC
    • María Sefidari, Wikimedia Foundation
    • Claudina Sarahe, Composites Collective
    • Christian Iaione, Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli
  •  The future of the democratic city: ecofeminisms, commons and technology | Moderator: Laia Forné, Barcelona City Hall
    • Yayo Herrero, Foro de Transiciones
    • Rubén Martínez, La Hidra
    • Antonio Calleja-López, Tecnopolítica – IN3/UOC

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