Euro CSS 2019

I went this week to Zurich to attend the 3rd edition of the European Symposium Series on Societal Challenges in Computational Social Science. This was the final edition of the series and focused on polarization and radicalization. In particular, the symposium chairs designed an inspiring program of workshops, tutorials, keynotes, talks and posters discuss how biases and unequal social structures foster political tension and polarization, including issues of radicalization and hatred.

My participation in this venue was motivated by the accepted poster about the deliberative platform design of Decidim Barcelona. This work, published in the proceedings of SocInfo-2017, described how the hybrid interface of this platform became an innovative solution for the open challenge of effectively combining online petitioning and online discussion. In addition, the symposium chair and esteemed colleague David García convinced me to participate in the Science Slam workshop and… attendees seemed to enjoy the talk 🙂

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