UGR: Data Science for the Common Good

MediaLab UGR is a space created at the University of Granada for the analysis, research and dissemination of the possibilities of digital technologies in culture and society. One of the ongoing projects promoted by this space is a course on data science and network analysis to address the Sustainable Development Goals. The course is structured in seven sessions and I was invited yesterday to lead the session on “Data Science for the Common Good: a Technopolitical Approach to the Design of Civic Technologies”. The outline of this 4 hours lecture was:

  • Introduction to the opportunities and risks posed by the platform society
  • Motivation of critical data science for the common good
  • Review of statistical methods for identifying, measuring, and modeling the effect of interventions in digital platforms
  • Discussion of the social and political consequences of the design of civic technologies
  • Conclusion (the technopolitical approach of Metadecidim)

Besides being a very stimulating session, the entire visit to Granada was a splendid experience thanks to the invitation by the University to stay at the Carmen de la Victoria residence.

Sketchnote of the session by Javier Cantón


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