Ciencia Participativa

The complexity of urban problems and the new possibilities provided by active citizenship, new technologies and the revitalisation of social spaces opens up a new scenario that requires new democratic infrastructures. Based on the experience of the Decidim project and the Metadecidim community, the Laboratori d’Innovació Democràtica is positioned as a municipal open space to promote training programmes that contribute to solving urban challenges in an intelligent, participative and democratic way.

In order to activate an open working group based on collaborative practices, this weekend we held the first workshop of Ciencia Participativa, an inter-institutional and social collaboration of public-common science to offer data and analysis tools to participants from very different fields: public institutions, academia, industry and civil society. The theme chosen for this first session, motivated by the proliferation of digital platforms for renting accommodation and organized by Montera34, was the changes in the use of accommodation in Barcelona through an analytical, rigorous and participatory approach. To this end, we invited local experts who gave very inpiring talks:


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