Lab Meeting Iberoamericano

Yesterday I went to Madrid to attend the Ibero-American Meeting of Citizen Innovation and Citizen Laboratories (Lab Meeting Iberoamericano 2018). This is an initiative organized by Unión de Ciudades y Capitales Iberoamericanas (UCCI) and Medialab Prado with the collaboration of the Citizen Innovation Program of Secretaría General Iberoamericana (SEGIB). The event is meeting place for the exchange of experiences and experiments done by citizen laboratories from Ibero-American countries and to create collaboration networks.

In my case, I gave a presentation with my colleague Yago Bermejo about Governance Laboratories for Distributed Citizen Democracy. We first explored what citizen laboratories and governance laboratories are to then propose an hybrid model of laboratory based on citizen participation and distributed governance. To illustrate this idea, we presented the ongoing work of the Laboratory for Democratic Innovation in Barcelona and of Participa LAB in Madrid.

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