Democratic Innovation Lab

Today we have launched the citizen Democratic Innovation Lab of Barcelona, based on the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats. This has been designed as an open space to solve urban challenges in an intelligent, participatory and democratic manner following the principles and methdology of the Decidim project and the Metadecidim community. To inaugurate the laboratory, we held a one day conference about Innovation in the Democratic City, with policy makers, e.g., Ada Colau (mayor of Barcelona), Gala Pin (councilor of participation), Francesca Bria (commissioner of Technology and Digital Innovation), Álvaro Porro (commissioner of Social Economy, Local Development and Consum) and Joan Subirats (commissioner of Culture); together with researchers and experts in democracy and civic participation, e.g., Manuel Castells, Yanina Welp, Carola Castellà, Arantxa Mendiharat, Alberto Abellán and Virgile Deville.

Throughout 2018, we will be announcing different activities at the laboratory such as social hackatons, events to debate and promote innovative practices that deepen the democratic radicality of the city, and the events that were already held regularly by the Metadecidim community (i.e. monthly assemblies and seminars).

LAB is all you need!


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