12th Databeers LDN

My recent visit to London included more activities in addition to the NGI Engineroom workshop. First, on Thurday night I had the chance to attend the second seminar of the Cook the Books Club curated by Aleksi Knuutila and Zosia Sztykowski. Besides the interest of the selected paper about the analysis of controllability in corporate networks, I was very impressed by the whole project of the Newspeak House and I suspect this was the first of many visits in the future.

Furthermore, I was honoured to participate the next day as a speaker in the 12th meetup of Databeers London. After three years from my talk at Databeers Barcelona, this was a very enriching experience and an excellent opportunity to meet many good friends in academia. My talk, focused on the effect of fake news on two research projects I was involved some years ago, helped me to merge two current hobbies: data science and stand-up comedy 🎭

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