Decidim: redes políticas y tecnopolíticas para la democracia en red

Today, the journal RECERCA – Revista de Pensament y Anàlisi published our article “Decidim: redes políticas y tecnopolíticas para la democracia en red“. This article defines the main features of Decidim, the digital platform for citizen participation in Barcelona, using a technopolitical framework. The work was done with colleagues from Decidim Team: Xabier Barandiaran, Antonio Calleja-López, Arnau Monterde, Carol Romero and Andres Pereira.


Decidim is a digital platform for participatory democracy developed by the Barcelona City Council. Furthermore, Decidim is a technopolitical project that involves a plurality of codes beyond the programming one. Decidim emerges as an example of what we define as “political networks” characterized, differently from “social networks”, for making of the political link and the construction of collective intelligence and wills the center of its design and structure. Moreover, the “Metadecidim” community and spaces function as dispositives for the democratization of Decidim´s software and networked democracy in a wider sense, constituting “technopolitical networks”. These new-generation networks make of this platform a public-common infrastructure (funded with public money, co-designed with the citizenry and with a democratic governance), open and free for participatory democracy, a project that aspires to operate as a dispositive and model for political transformation in a period of crisis of the liberal democracy.

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