Participa Lab: Inteligencia Colectiva para la Democracia 2016

From November 18 to December 2, I have been in the Inteligencia Colectiva para la Democracia workshop at Medialab Prado (except for three days at the #metadecidim workshop in Barcelona). This workshop was organized by participaLAB, an new interdisciplinary workspace for the study, development and adoption of participatory processes for a direct, deliberative and distributed democracy.


In these two weeks, eight multidisciplinary teams proposed, developed and tested different tools and methodologies:

Besides the hackaton, the event also included keynotes by amazing speakers like Antonio Lafuente, Colin Megill or Audrey Tang. My participation in the event focused on mentoring some of the project teams. Moreover, I had the chance to give a keynote about Data Analysis and Citizen Participation which summarized and contextualized insights from my recent research supported by the D-CENT project and the DTIC-UPF María de Maeztu Units of Excellence Programme (MDM-2015-0502).

icdemocracia-medialab-nov16-30 icdemocracia-medialab-nov16-31
emapic sofa

Comic panels of the event by Enrique Flores and Elisa Cuesta

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