Jornades Anuals Metadecidim 2016

This weekend the team involved in the development of have held the first #metadecidim workshop/hackaton. is the participatory platform of Barcelona to build an open, transparent an collaborative city. The event, opened to any interested citizen, was devised as a participatory process within the platform to apply this principles in the development of the platform itself.

On Friday morning, colleagues from the differents organizations that have collaborated in the creation of the platform gave talks to better explain the value and complexity of In my case, I presented the main results from the data analysis and visualization of the process to build the City/District Action Plans (see slides above).

Then, from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning, we gathered differents workshops and hackatons to discuss and publish proposals for the following development actions. In particular, our team at the data hackaton reviewed the current strategy of open data and proposed different ideas to better promote the collaborative and open management of data in the platform.

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