International School and Conference on Network Science 2015

Also this week, the article “Interactions of Cultures and Top People of Wikipedia from Ranking of 24 Language Editions” by my colleagues Young-Ho Eom, David Laniado, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, Sebastiano VignaDima L. Shepelyansky and me will be presented in Netsci 2015, the flagship conference on Complex Networks promoted by the NetSci Society.

In this talk, I will explain how we analyzed the hyperlink networks of 24 Wikipedia language editions, and rank all their articles by PageRank, 2DRank and CheiRank algorithms. After obtaining the top 100 historical figures for each edition and for each algorithm, we investigated their spatial, temporal, and gender distributions in dependence of their cultural origins and demonstrated not only the existence of skewness with local figures, mainly recognized only in their own cultures, but also the existence of global historical figures appearing in a large number of editions.

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