D-CENT: First Review Meeting

Today, we have held the 1st Year Review Meeting of the project FP7-ICT-D-CENT in Brussels. The objectives of the review were to establish:

  • the degree of fulfillment of the project work plan for the relevant period and of the related deliverables;
  • the continued relevance of the objectives and breakthrough potential with respect to the scientific and industrial state of the art;
  • the resources planned and utilized in relation to the achieved progress, in a manner consistent with the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • the management procedures and methods of the project;
  • the beneficiaries’ contributions and integration within the project;
  • the expected potential impact in scientific, technologic, economic, competitive and social terms (where relevant), and the plans for the use and dissemination of results.


I presented, with the indispensable collaboration of my colleague Javier Toret (UOC), our work during this first year. In particular, we explain our tasks in “WP2: Network driven data analysis, modelling and visualisation” devised to explore and characterise new organizational models emerging from networked movements of citizens. This analysis will inspire the design of the D-CENT platform. Finally, we also presented the current status of the Spanish pilot for direct democracy.

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