City Labs Workshop

datacticThis week, the article “DaTactic, Data with Tactics: Description and evaluation of a new format of online campaigning for NGOs“, written by Saya Sauliere, Rebeca Díez Escudero, Alberto Abellán and me, will be presented at City Labs Workshop – SocInfo 2014. According to the organizing committee, the workshop is devised to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss and explore the research challenges and opportunities in applying the pervasive and social computing paradigm to understand cities. In our paper, we describe and evaluate #DaTactic2, the second event launched by the DaTactic initative.

Abstract: Social media has emerged as a powerful communication channel to promote actions and raise social awareness. Initiatives through social media are being driven by NGOs to increase the scope and effectiveness of their campaigns. In this paper, we describe the DaTactic2 campaign, which is both an offline and online initiative supported by Oxfam Intermón devised to gather activists and NGOs practitioners and create awareness on the importance of the 2014 European Parliament election. We provide details regarding the background of the campaign, as well as the objectives, the strategies that have been implemented and an empirical evaluation of its performance through an analysis of the impact on Twitter. Our findings show the effectiveness of bringing together relevant actors in an offline event and the high value of creating multimedia content in order to increase the scope and virality of the campaign.

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