Co-keywords graph from TV3 news in 2013

Last evening, I attend, with my collegues David Laniado and Ariadna M. Fernández, the Urbanbeers @_BIG BANG DATA (II edition) hosted by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. When we arrived, I discovered that one of my latest graph visualizations was added to the BIG BANG DATA exhibition:

Red de co-ocurrencias de palabras claves en las telenotícies de TV3 en 2013

Pablo Aragón, researcher at Barcelona Media; David Cabo, director at Civio; Eva Belmonte, project manager at Civio.

Dataset description
20 786 news extracted from a database given by Televisió de Catalunya which contains news published in 2013. The dataset was requested by Olga Subirós and José Luis de Vicente, curators of the BIG BANG DATA exhibition.

Graph details
4 624 nodes (keywords) and 29 381 edges (co-occurrences) between them.

Type of graph
Semantic Network (reference: Visual Complexity)


BIG BANG DATA exhitibion at CCCB; directed by Zzzinc.

May 23-24, 2014

Co-keywords graph from a set of 20 786 news published by TV3 (2013). We removed the nodes whose degree was equal or less than 1 and the following parameters were set for each node:

  • Size → PageRank
  • Color → Cluster assigned by the the Louvain clustering method
  • Location → Position set by the OpenOrd layout algorithm


The graph was implemented during the hackaton runned by Civio focused on their platform Quien Manda: a map of political and economic power in Spain, presented as an interactive, graphical and documented repository of all ties between the most influential people in the country. From this hackaton, we devised new ideas and projects that, hopefully, will be announced soon.

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