InDICEs Bootcamp

The InDICEs Bootcamp was an event held this week at Canòdrom to explore and experiment with how data can impact and inform the future of digital cultural heritage. Professionals and practitioners of the intersection of data, digitization and cultural heritage, together with expert stakeholders (DigitalFems, CIMA, the Europeana Steering Committee, Tecnopolítica/UOC, Wikimedians and various actors from GLAM institutions) worked on three different thematic areas:

  • gender inequality in cultural heritage institutions,
  • digital participation in the GLAMs sector,
  • use of data in participatory culture. 

I was invited to the Bootcamp for a keynote on the preliminary approach to knowledge integrity risk assessment in Wikipedia projects. The keynote was continued by an insightful discussion about community governance techniques to tackle misinformation. This was a very enriching experience and I look forward to seeing the results of INDICES project.


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