esLibre 2021

esLibre is a Spanish conference for people interested in free technologies, focused on sharing knowledge and experiences around them. This edition was (virtually) hosted by LibreLabUCM and included a track on Knowledge and Free Culture organized by Wikimedia España, the Spanish non-profit organization recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation as the local chapter in Spain. The track consisted of three sessions:

  1. What is DEMUD, in accessible language
  2. I Verificatón sobre información relacionada con la salud en Wikipedia
  3. I Encuentro wikimedista sobre lucha contra la desinformación en Wikipedia en español

I participated in the third session, a panel on strategies for fighting disinformation with Anna Torres (WMAR), Virginia Díez (WMES), Rocío Aravena (WMCL), Pepe Flores (WMMX), and Rubén Ojeda (WMES). In particular, I presented our preliminary approach to knowledge integrity risk assessment in Wikipedia and enjoyed the inspiring and insightful work by colleagues from Wikimedia local chapters in Argentina, Spain, Chile and Mexico.

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