XVII Congrés d’Arxivística de Catalunya

The Association of Archivists of Catalonia is helding its XVII Annual Congress this week. This edition is taking place in the Benedictine monastery of Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona) with the following objectives:

  • to evidence the role of document management as the foundation of open government and the digital economy,
  • to promote the use of the archive as a mechanism for social reparation and justice,
  • to exhibit the impact of decentralized technologies on information governance,
  • to raise awareness on the impossibility of long-term access to resources generated on private social platforms,
  • to promote participatory models of data and document management.

In relation to these goals, I had the honour of receiving an invitation from the programme committee to present the main ideas that we have been developing in Decidim. In particular, I presented the different layers of the project (decidim.barcelona, decidim.org, and meta.decidim.org) to then illustrate new paradigms for documentating citizen participatory processes and crowdsourced policy-making.

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