Unizar: Techniques of Citizen Participation

Yesterday I went to Zaragoza. In principle, to be back at my hometown shouldn’t be news. However, this was a very special occasion since this time I came to serve as an invited lecturer at Universidad de Zaragoza (my alma mater). My lecture was part of the University Extension Certification in Citizen Participation Techniques, a course with the purpose of promoting innovation in citizen participation from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Students in this course receive training from very excellent colleagues like Jorge Resina, Cecilia Güemes, Yago Bermejo, or Domenico Di Siena.

For my lecture, I presented some findings from my doctoral research about the social and political consequences of technical features in participation platforms on the Internet. This allowed us to have an open and enriching discussion about the best practice for designing civic technologies and how to apply participatory design models as done at Metadecidim.

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