Foro de Transparencia e Innovación Democrática

It is always a pleasure to be back home. Last week I went to Zaragoza (my home city) to attend the Foro de Transparencia e Innovación Democrática held at Edificio Pignatelli between 25 and 27 of April. The conference was organized by the Government of Aragón to boost data journalism and data visualization, promote networking among practitioners of transparency, and to discover leading projects and good practices. I was invited to talk in a panel about Public Visualization, chaired by Julián Moyano, with Fermín Serrano (Commissioner for the Knowledge Economy and Innovation), Patricia Gosálvez (journalist at El País), Gilberto Vieira (founder of Data-labe).

My talk covered the different techniques of data visualization on Decidim, the Free Open-Source platform of participatory democracy for cities and organizations:

  1. the data visualization section of the Pla d’Actuació Municipal process,
  2. the feature of accountability and action tracking,
  3. the seminar of Metadecidim LAB to define the upcoming data visualization features using participatory design.


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