TICTeC 2017

I came this week to Florence to attend TICTeC 2017: The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference 2017. The event brought together scientists, policy makers and NGOs to discuss about the impact of digital technologies on democracy. This was third edition of the series and my second participation. While my contribution in 2016 was devised to share the insights of a preliminary data analysis of the first months in Decide Madrid, for this year, I presented a more refined analysis of a full process in Decidim Barcelona.

The talk, in a wonderful sessión with Amelia Loye and Jennifer Manuel, covered the assessement of innovative features included by the Decidim Barcelona team, e.g. the hybridation of online and offline dynamics and an enriched discussion interface. In particular, the new discussion interface was proven successful according to the increase of computational metrics of online deliberation. I concluded with the ideas promoted in MetaDecidim, which go beyond the basic principles of civic tech by opening the platform design/development to the community.

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